Reading love

DH and I are readers, huge readers, and we’ve always encouraged and hoped for our children to share that love too. Ms Five has always enjoyed looking through books and ‘reading’ – many a night we’ve had to say ‘put the books away and go to sleep!’  and now she’s in prep she’s nearly able to read them to herself. Up until now though, Mr Nearly Eight hasn’t been that keen on reading independently for entertainment – he enjoys being read to by us, and happily reads non-fiction for information (so many questions he needs answered!) but until this year hasn’t really enjoyed reading just for the fun of it. Finally in the last few months he’s discovered the joy of independent reading for pleasure and our boy has had his nose stuck in a book at last!

Which books?

Positive Peer Pressure

Other kids in his class were devouring the Harry Potter books, so at his request we borrowed the first one from the library. It was a joint reading effort – we would read some then, joy of joys, he’d retire to his room and keep reading.


Both DH and I loved Asterix and Tin Tin growing up (ok I was more of an Asterix fan), and DH has a small collection of both series. Wow, Mr Nearly Eight loved both but particularly Tin Tin – he spent an entire Sunday reading – and has read nearly every book in the series (and watched the movie). We did a bit of co-reading here too, reading a few pages out loud for his bedtime story before he went off to bed and kept going by himself. Ms Five also enjoyed the books, and was happy to look through the pictures herself.

At the recommendation of a customer at my work (I work at a public library) I borrowed one of the Mabel Jones books (The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones by Will Mabbit) for Mr Nearly Eight. At the same time I grabbed a copy of one of Beverly Cleary’s Ramona stories to read to Ms Five as she’d enjoyed the movie Ramona and Beezus. Well, while I enjoyed reading Mabel Jones (super fun for reading out loud) and Ms Five like it, it was too scary for Mr Nearly Eight. However, both kids LOVED the Ramona book (Ramona the Pest). Mr Nearly Eight giggled and giggled reading it and while I read the whole thing aloud as a bed time story for Ms Five, my son went off and read the whole book to himself.  We’ve since read Ramona and Her Father – not as funny and a little more serious but both kids enjoyed it and I’ll try and pick up another one for them today.

There are so many books to choose from but one thing I’ve realised from my kids’ reading choices, there’s definitely no one size fits all!




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