A visit home

It’s school holidays so the kids and I headed to my parents’ farm for a few days. The farm is looking lovely and green and my Mum’s two country gardens are blooming with spring flowers.

My parents are between houses at the moment, living in the 100+ year old family home while they renovate their house (the one I grew up in), and then they’ll shift back and turn the homestead into a B&B. Which means Mum has been doing so much decluttering and in the process discovering plenty of treasures.

I used to use this little guy as my Barbies’ pet cat.

As well as some decorative knickknacks (I’m sure I’ll find a use for those old spurs), I’ve claimed my old duchess for my daughter’s new room, plus a buffet/side cupboard that I need to repaint that will go in the entry, and a kid’s computer desk.

I found this treasure in the old cream shed. I’m going to clean it up and use it as a light – maybe candle or twinkle lights – for the back deck.


I left the kids playing in the mud and enjoying the busy days on the farm while I headed back home for work. Mum will bring them back tomorrow by which time I’ll have hopefully collected our new chickens!


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