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It’s strawberry season here, so one of our school holiday to dos was a trip to a pick your own strawberry field. We went to the Strawberry Fields Farm on the Sunshine Coast.



We ended up with a lot of strawberries.

And Mr Nearly Eight really wanted to make jam, so that was today’s activity.

We used this simple recipe from Allrecipes.  Very easy with helpful reader tips like turn the jars upside down after closing them to seal them, and test your jam on a cold plate to see if it’s done. It has 1kg of strawberries, 4 tablespoons of lemon juice (I used the last two lemons Mum gave us) and 4 cups of caster sugar (oops no caster sugar so we just used white sugar).


Mr Nearly Eight doing the chopping.


And stirring…


Dissolve the sugar, then bring to a full boil for approx 10 minutes.


Sterilised jars – I was sure I had more when I agreed to do this!
The finished product, ta da! They need to set for 48 hours. But we tried a small amount left over.


Mr Nearly Eight enjoyed the process and the taste testing. What with the chickens and cooking, I feel as if I’ve finally found some activities these holidays to share with my rapidly growing up little man.


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