This year has started oddly – full of potential, yet I’m also behind the eight ball on so many fronts. We’ve been away, so our Christmas decorations are still up. We spent today hanging out of Miss 5 while Mr 8 is visiting his grandparents so we haven’t got around to unpacking from the camping trip yet. I still need to put the laundry shelving up and I’m rapidly running out of time while DH is still on holidays, but I did get to the physio and finally started progress on working on my pelvic floor and TA muscle issues as well as make appointments for other medical stuff I was supposed to get done. And I went without my desperately wanted nap this afternoon in favour of playing Uno with Miss 5, but DH voluntarily did the dishes.

In some ways I’m embracing the slow in favour of paying attention to relationships. Yet I have plans. I’m aiming for more emphasis on my health this year – more exercise, more sleep, more veges. I’m aiming to slow down, to say no more, to make more time at home for all of us. And I’m hoping to put some systems in place to make all our lives easier (a little extra help from the other three members of the family won’t hurt either).

28 Day Meal Plan

I hate thinking up meals every night and shopping for groceries is so boring, yet I really enjoyed hosting Christmas this year and thinking up gourmet courses. My solution is to attempt a 28 Day Meal Plan. I worked out 28 different meals, along with 4 associated weekly grocery lists. Hopefully now the family won’t get too bored with the options, I won’t dread the question ‘what’s for dinner’ quite so much, and I might even enjoy thinking up sides and mixing up the recipe a bit.

Greeting cards

Some years I’m on top of sending birthday and anniversary cards, last year I completely dropped the ball. So today when I saw a half price greeting card sale at one of our regular newsagencies, I decided to go ahead and pre buy all the cards I could think  of for the year ahead. Now if I can get into the habit of a monthly review of card requirements, I might have a chance of not just sending cards but getting them there on time!


Calendars were also half price, so I bought two for our family – a normal one and a special school activity one. We’ll see which one is used – I do know I can’t function without a monthly calendar to write down appointments and keep track of events. I got a planner for Christmas, so I’ll have to see if I can make use of that too this year.

I sat down with last years calendar and transferred birthdays and upcoming appointments onto the new one. It’s really interesting reading through the appointments and events from last year – wow, I was so busy! I’m determined to tone down the kids activities this year, and my own too.


I’m going to put a harder emphasis on chores for my two kids – they are big enough now to do more on a daily basis towards the running of the family and learning to take care of their own requirements as a human being. I want to involve them more in cooking, but there are three other humans in this house who can do dishes, take out trash, load a washing machine, and, gasp even clean the toilet.

What am I going to do with all this free time you ask? Get more sleep, get more exercise, spend more time focusing on the kids, read more, watch some movies, and treat my writing as a job during the school term. Well, that’s the plan.

At some point I might even get those Christmas decorations down.


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