Back to school

The summer holidays are over and the new school year starts tomorrow. I’ve had a busy week (month!) getting ready for the new term: new shoes, new uniforms, books covered and labelled. I’m super proud of myself and have even managed to pre-make and freeze a week’s worth of sandwiches as well as cupcakes and banana muffins for the lunch boxes. Clothes have been laid out and we’re due for an early night in preparation for new early starts and mornings with deadlines.

I also purchased a magnetic whiteboard to go into the children’s study area and made a magnetic routine chart to help them with their morning preparations. I printed up a simple chart and laminated it and then cut up their old static morning routine and attached a magnet to the back of each picture. Each task is moved to the ‘Done’ section once it’s complete. Hopefully it will save me from sounding like a cracked record in the morning.

Other habits I’m trying to establish are making lunches and laying out clothes (especially shoes!) the night before. Success so far, but it’s not even day 1…

I have some more pictures to share of our study area and school launch pad but that will be after tomorrow when I’m finished my post-holiday clean up.



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