Cards and further adventures in organising my life

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I took advantage of a renovation sale our local newsagency was having to stock up on greeting cards for the rest of the year. I’m currently going through the clutter hotspot that used to be my desk. I’d already forgotten the intended recipient for half the cards and decided I ought to get organised!

I had a piece of leftover contact from covering school books and several shoe boxes from new school shoes, so I did a quick and dirty cover job on a shoe box. I sorted through the cards and added a sticky note indicating who they were intended for and then stacked them neatly in the box.

It could use a book of stamps, and possibly a bit more order – at the moment I’ve got them loosely sorted into recipient but I should do it by month – but hopefully I’ll be able to find and use the cards I need BEFORE the actual date!


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