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Laundry room upgrade

There’s a few little reno jobs that we’ve needed to do since we bought our home three months ago. We don’t want to do too much at this stage, and honestly we don’t have to – everything is in good condition and we do have two young children who will wreak havoc on our home for the foreseeable future. There were some things though that needed to be done for pure functionality. The laundry room was one of those jobs – the only item in the whole room when we moved in was a sink and connections for the washing machine, plus the fixture for a dryer on the wall. With no shelving it soon became a dumping room for piles of ‘need to be dealt with later clothing’. Smitten by images of shiny, gleaming laundry rooms on pinterest and elsewhere I was determined that I was going to make my laundry room more functional asap. I scored a cheap cabinet from Aldi and picked up a melamine bench and all the bits and bobs I needed from Bunnings (thanks to the helpful advice of the staff there), which all sat in our garage through Christmas until finally I had a chance to think about putting everything together.

I was a little bit daunted by the task, I’ll be honest, my attempts at renovation are very minimal and the thought of trying to attach the shelving to what I thought was plasterboard was putting me off. After successfully attaching a cork board and white board to the walls however using my trusty drill and hammer, I felt inspired to give it a go.

First steps first, I got my husband to hang the dryer on the wall to make using it easier and to get extra floor space. I can also use the dryer rack as hanging space.

My Dad was visiting and I got his advice about attaching the shelving to what turned out to be Hardie’s flexiboard, not plasterboard, and with a bit of trial and error – and another trip to Bunnings – managed to attached the folding table shelf to the wall all by myself. Then I put together the cabinet and with some help from the muscle in the family (my husband) even more trial and error and a lot of sweating (heatwave time!) we got the cabinet attached to the wall.


I bought a 3 basket laundry bag trolley on wheels for sorting clothes directly from the folding table as well as a metal bucket for holding the detergent and a ‘soak’ bucket.

I printed out and framed a great laundry printable courtesy of  How to Nest for Less, and then re-purposed an old blackboard into a ‘sock and bits’ board. After looking at a few options and the resources I had, I used some impasto medium I had stored in my craft box (similar to modge podge) to apply the wording using this technique.

I’m loving my new laundry! It’s no longer a jumble of mess and I have somewhere to put my clean washing while it’s waiting to be folded – rather than on our bed. The new functionality is also helping me stay on top of the laundry pile plus I get a warm happy feeling when I look in at my shiny new space!




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