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We’ve had a busy week with a visit from my in laws and some Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Since the start of February we’ve been doing this idea I saw on Pinterest – writing love notes to my family heart shaped pieces of paper and sticking them on either on the bedroom door or above our bed. The whole family really got into the idea, especially Ms 5 and we received some really sweet little messages.


For Valentine’s Day I made a batch of heart shaped shortbread biscuits and a double layered vanilla cake.


Recipe from here.


Recipe adapted from here.

I also finally got my sewing machine set up – after FINALLY putting together the small desk I bought from Target (unfortunately it had a duplicated piece and involved two extra visits to get it replaced, but FINALLY it was done). Let me tell you about this sewing machine. I bought one about 8 years ago and what with moving repeatedly etc it was packed up and kept in storage for most of that time. We had a burst water pipe two houses ago and unfortunately the machine was right underneath it and was ruined. I claimed it on our insurance and the new one was duly delivered and it again sat in storage for another two moves. When we arrived here, I unpacked it – this never opened box of a brand new machine and horror of horrors, ants had taken over the machine and had built a nest in the box. Out it went into the sun, pulled apart as much as possible and sprayed with bug spray. So, finally, I put it together, set it up on my desk and turned it on. It works perfectly!


I even made this skirt for Ms 5 – using fabric I bought 8 years ago! I used instructions from here and it was super easy. I even tried out some of the sweet fancy stitches my new machine can do to add a touch of colour to the white skirt.


And I also finally hung a quilt we were given by my mother-in-law many, many years ago. It’s a gorgeous handmade item from Pakistan, and it’s too delicate and pretty to use on our bed. I stitched fabric curtain loops on the back and hung a curtain rod over our bed and now it’s a gorgeous wall hanging.


Complete with twinkle lights (don’t mind my dodgy pillows – linen is my next project!)


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