Cards and further adventures in organising my life

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I took advantage of a renovation sale our local newsagency was having to stock up on greeting cards for the rest of the year. I’m currently going through the clutter hotspot that used to be my desk. I’d already forgotten the intended recipient for half the… Continue reading Cards and further adventures in organising my life



This year has started oddly – full of potential, yet I’m also behind the eight ball on so many fronts. We’ve been away, so our Christmas decorations are still up. We spent today hanging out of Miss 5 while Mr 8 is visiting his grandparents so we haven’t got around to unpacking from the camping… Continue reading 2017



I’d be lying if I said morning tea wasn’t my favourite meal of the day. And morning tea isn’t morning tea without something sweet and carby. Since we’re on a budget I’ve cut back on treats from the bakery and have been making my own. Two cakes that have graced our table and filled our… Continue reading Cakes